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💪🏼BEST 15-MINUTE BODYWEIGHT UPPER BODY WORKOUT from BJ Gaddour, former Men’s Health fitness director and MetaShred creator.

I’m using the Lebert EQualizer @lebertfitness dip/row parallel bars and pushup handles. Go to the following link to save with my exclusive coupon code:


Your Body Is Your Barbell when you know how to use it, baby! This is a classic metabolic bodybuilding template to add slabs of muscle to your arms, chest, shoulders, and back. Do each move for max reps in 40 seconds with 20 seconds of rest between moves in the EXACT order outlined below:

1. Extended Pike Pushups
2. Extended Pushups
3. Feet-Elevated Inverted Rows
4. Bent-Legged Inverted Rows

That’s 1 round. Do 3 rounds, resting a minute between rounds. You first do a pushing stack and then a pulling stack. Each stack consists of a mechanical drop set where you start with a harder version of each movement pattern and move to an easier version in a state of fatigue to extend time-under-tension and a purchase a pump that is oh so precious. This is yet another example of how you make lighter loads go a longer way and make your BODY-weight feel like HEAVY-weight.


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