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Penis Pain When Urinating Might Be Schistosomiasis

It’s rare for a man to want to experience penis pain, which can get in the way of enjoying sex. One possible cause of penis pain, schistosomiasis, may indicate a bigger health problem.

Penis Rash May Come From Different Forms of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common skin disorder that affects millions worldwide. There are 5 forms that could cause a penis rash, as well as appear elsewhere on the body.

Little Overweight, Guy? Try These Sex Tips

Overweight men looking for sex tips may be frustrated at the paucity available. These sex tips can be especially valuable for the guy who could stand to lose some of that spare tire.

The Male Oral Sex Experience: 6 Tips for Women

Lots of men are incredibly fond of receiving oral sex, and some women are happy to give it to them. Others may be more reluctant, and these tips may be valuable for them.

Fighting Penis Bumps From Razor Burn

Penis bumps can be unsightly and off-putting to partners or potential partners. Sometimes they are harmless, caused by nothing more serious than razor burn when manscaping.

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