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Off-White, Clumpy Penis Sludge: The Difference Between Smegma and a Yeast Infection

Something is not quite right downstairs. There’s off-white funk on your junk, so what could it be? Let’s talk about the difference between smegma and a yeast infection.

Diabetes and Penis Health: What Every Man Needs to Know

Having a healthy blood sugar is essential for a man’s health in general; however, diabetes and penis health are strongly linked. Read on to find out how keeping sugar low can keep erections high.

The Benefits of Manscaping and How to Do It

Why would any guy willingly put something sharp or hot next to his junk? Well, for the benefits, of course! Manscaping is no longer optional, and here’s why.

Getting Breakouts on Your Penis? Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

Looking down and seeing a lot of breakouts on your penis? Believe it or not, penis pimples are more common than you think. Let’s talk about why they’re there and how to get rid of them.

Penis Imperfections: What’s No Biggie and What’s Something to Check Into

Penises are like snowflakes; everyone is different. But when is a penis oddity something to worry about, and when is it not a big deal?

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