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Common Penis Disorders Every Man Should Know About

The more you know, the more you grow – that’s what they say, right? Well, if a man wants his penis to keep growing, he definitely needs to know about five common penis disorders so he can keep his penis happy and healthy.

How to Improve Penis Skin: 8 Easy Tips for Healthy Penis Skin

Skin is the largest organ on the human body and keeping it healthy is a big deal. However, most men overlook one place. Let’s fix that. Here’s a primer on how to improve penis skin and keep it like that forever.

Stretch Marks on Your Penis? Here’s the What, Why, and How to Fix It

Looking down below and seeing some squigglies on your soldier? You probably have stretch marks on your penis. Here’s the scoop on penile stretch marks.

Smash That Penis Rash: How to Stop Scratching and Start Healing

What’s red, and itchy, and a pain in the genitals? Why, a penis rash of course! Here’s the down low on what’s causing that rash on the penis and how to get better fast.

Say No to Penis Chafing: What to Use When the Lube Runs Out

Out of lube and still want to have fun? Here are some lube alternatives to try to keep penis chafing at bay while getting busy.

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