Darian Jerard’s 3-15 Theory Episode 3 Season 8 Dedicated to Men’s Health

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Sore Penis 101: Stop Doing These Things

Sometimes when a man suffers penis pain, it’s not his fault. But other times, that sore penis is a direct result of something a guy is doing wrong. Let’s look at common penis mistakes.

Could an Itchy Penis Be a Sign of Diabetes?

A dry and itchy penis can be annoying for any man, but what if it doesn’t go away with proper care? Then that dry penis might be a sign of diabetes.

Penis Skin 101: Protecting the Penis During Hair Removal

When a man wants to trim down or remove the hair “down there” he needs to have the right tools to protect and nurture his penis skin. Here’s how to handle it.

Embarrassing Penis Odor: How to Get Rid of It

There are few things more embarrassing than penis odor, especially when a man tries meticulously to avoid the stench. Here’s how to handle that smelly penis.

A Sore Penis After Sex Is Just One Sign of Phimosis

Phimosis is a condition that can lead to an irritated penis, a sore penis after sex – and in the worst cases, a very painful erection. What’s a man to do if this happens to him?

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