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Cuando el cáncer de próstata ataca, como cualquier otra enfermedad, va más allá del paciente.

La familia completa siente el impacto.

Cuida de tus chicos.

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Diagnostic Tests for Determining Erectile Dysfunction

When erectile dysfunction strikes, it can really have a significant impact on a man and his sex life. Tests to determine erectile dysfunction can help with treatment planning.

7 Reasons for Penis Redness and How to Fix Them

Penis redness is not usually a harbinger of good fortune in the coming year. Often, it’s telling a man he needs to pay attention to what he’s doing down below. Let’s talk about seven common reasons for a red penis and how to get it gone.

What Causes Penis Shrinkage: 5 Things That Cause a Man’s Sausage to Shrink and How to Beef It Up!

Like a man’s net worth, penis shrinkage is not something any man wants to experience. So, what causes it, and how can a man prevent it? Read on for the answers.

Penis Pain From Priapism and Antipsychotics

Priapism is one of the least understood penis health issues, at least among lay men – and among those who have never experienced this potentially serious issue. Because priapism deals with a penis which remains erect for hours on end, most men have a tendency to downplay it and assume that any guy would be lucky to be able to remain erect that long. In fact, there can be significant penis pain associated with it and it can have some serious consequences.

Naked Skiing? Better Use Some Penis Protection

It’s winter and there’s powder all over the mountains, so naturally a lot of people are out there skiing the slopes like there’s no tomorrow. Most of them are bundled up nice and warm, but a few hardy souls – not so much. As a matter of fact, some extreme sports enthusiasts look forward to winter so they can indulge in their favorite chill-time experience, naked skiing.

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