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Causes of Penis Peeling and How to Fix It

No, your trouser snake isn’t just shedding its skin, your penis is peeling. Let’s talk about what causes skin peeling on the penis and how to fix it.

Cellulitis May Cause Swollen Penis Pain

No man enjoys penis pain, especially when it is accompanied by itching and swelling. Cellulitis, a skin condition, can unfortunately bring about all of this and more.

Penis Problems: Hey, There’s Blood in My Semen

Guys don’t like to deal with penis problems, but sometimes they have to. When a man finds blood in his semen, he may panic, but it’s not always so serious.

Sex Tips: Beyond the Penis

Not surprisingly, most sex tips for the male tend to have a specific focus on issues involving the penis itself. But there can be general health issues that impact the penis as well.

How a Man Can Tell If He Has a Penile Fracture and What to Do

Hear a pop in your penis and not sure what happened? It could be a penile fracture. Let’s take a look at everything a man needs to know if he thinks he has a fractured penis.

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