GIANT SETS FOR GINORMOUS GAINZ! | BJ Gaddour Upper Body Muscle Building Workout


GIANT SETS FOR GINORMOUS GAINZ from BJ Gaddour, former Men’s Health fitness director and MetaShred creator!

“What kind of workouts do you actually do?” This is one of the most common questions I get. Many of you wonder how I’ve built my frame with the minimal equipment fat loss workouts I share here. Well, I’ve certainly done all the routines I share on IG and regularly incorporate metabolic conditioning (MetCon) into my routines. And there have been times in my life where all I’ve done is MetCon (see the later slides to see what I looked like when I did).

But over the last several years, my training has taken on more of a “Metabolic Bodybuilding” focus (Gorillacorn Gainz style) for more of a muscle-building and performance enhancement emphasis. Here’s a sample upper body workout using my signature style. Perform each move for max quality reps with minimal rest and transition between moves:

PUSH STACK: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
Minute 1: Dips
Minute 2: Double-Fisted Pushups
Minute 3: 1-2 Power Punch Combos

Rest a Minute

PULL STACK: Back, Biceps & Forearms
Minute 1: Cable Bent-Over Lat Pulldowns
Minute 2: Cable Rows
Minute 3: Slam Ball Slams

Rest a Minute

That’s 1 round. Do a single round as a starter or finisher. Do 3-5 rounds for a full upper body swole sesh.

The first move in each stack is the most challenging and the move that follows is a competitive exercise for the same movement pattern or muscle group(s). This “mechanical drop set” and extended time-under-tension provides a potent muscle gain stimulus. The third and final move in each stack employs a contrast training effect by switching from grinding strength moves to ballistic power production. This giant set develops all key muscle qualities: strength, hypertrophy, stamina, power, stability, mobility, etc. And that’s what being a GORILLACORN is all about.

GORILLACORN GAINZ: My 2019 Training Plan!

Gorillacorn Gainz is where SHRED meets GAINZ! It’s an exclusive high-end coaching program for an elite group of ONLY 50 MEN from around the world who want to train just like me and learn how to achieve the holy grail of simultaneous fat loss & muscle gain.


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