Health tips for Men – Hacks – 100% Working Tips – Nafs – Sakhti – Mardana Taqat & Fitness Tips #33

Health tips for Men – Hacks – 100% Working Tips – Nafs – Sakhti – Mardana Taqat & Fitness Tips #33
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Hives Could Be the Cause of Penis Bumps

Hives are unsightly welts that can vary in size and appear in groups, often very large ones. They appear as penis bumps when on the manhood.

Folliculitis Can Cause Itchy Penis Problems

When a man has folliculitis in the midsection, it can lead to a very itchy penis. These red, raised bumps are also unattractive and likely to scare away potential partners.

Male Masturbation Can Affect Intimate Relationships

Masturbation is a totally healthy activity men should participate in, but how does it affect intimate relationships? Is it helpful or harmful? Let’s find out.

Some Things That Can Cause Painful Urination in Men and How to Fix Them

Feel like a fire-peeing dragon? Let’s talk about painful urination in men and how to fix it!

To Do Today: Put Vitamin E Oil on the Penis for These 6 Major Benefits

Ready to get natural when it comes to penis health? There’s tons of reasons why a man should be putting vitamin e oil on his penis.

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