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Covid19 has showed us not to take our health for granted. Victory Men’s Health is here for all the men choosing to make their health a priority!

Some Major Health Conditions Associated With Erectile Dysfunction

What can erectile dysfunction tell a man about his health? A lot, as it turns out. Read on to learn more about 6 serious health issues with strong links to penis health.

Does Circumcision Affect Penis Sensitivity?

There are lots of reasons people are talking about circumcision these days, and it’s no wonder. With all the attention on circumcision these days, an important consideration emerges: does it affect penis sensitivity?

Alcohol Intake Can Increase Penis Odor

Penis odor can be a significant problem for many men (and their suffering partners). Drinking too much alcohol can make a bad penis odor situation even worse.

Winterize the Penis: Seasonal Penis Protection Tips

Brrrrr, that winter chill is seeping into the air. With cold weather coming, a guy needs to start thinking about how to winterize his manhood. Proper penis protection makes cold weather more bearable

Sex Toys for More Advanced Users

It’s significant that more and more men today are incorporating sex toys into their sexual play. But some toys are more appropriate for more advanced and experienced users.

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