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Stop Jock Itch Before It Happens

As any man knows who has been afflicted with jock itch, it can be a major pain in the butt. Finding ways to stop it before it happens is therefore a sensible strategy.

Some Oral Sex Games for Couples

As fabulous as penetrative sex is, there is a great deal still to be said for delicious oral sex. And finding games that incorporate oral sex is even better.

Surgery Is an Option for a Bent Penis

When a man has a severely bent penis, it can be quite painful and can interfere with proper sexual functioning. For some men, surgery may be a viable option.

Can a Red Penis Be From Radiodermatitis?

Sometimes a red penis is just what a guy wants – it means that blood has rushed into his organ, causing it to swell and get ready for action of the most pleasurable sort. Other times, however, that red penis may look to be so because it is inflamed or because it has a red rashy appearance to it – and that causes a guy to look to his store of penis health knowledge to try to determine what may be the cause. If he looks long enough, he may come across radiodermatitis as a potential cause.

Unfortunately, Diabetes May Cause Penis Rash

Diabetes is a very serious health condition that can create numerous issues – including in some cases a penis rash. Proper treatment of diabetes is essential to good health.

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