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Penis Rejuvenation Treatments: Do They Really Work?

There’s a lot of talk about penis rejuvenation these days. Let’s take a lot at the P-Shot procedure some men say have successfully rejuvenated their penis.

If Your Penis Is Calling in Weak, Here Are Seven Tips for a Stronger Erection

Feel like your penis has ADD? It’s not rising when called or can’t stay up for too long? Fear no more, here are seven tips for a stronger erection.

Penis Function Issue: About Retrograde Ejaculation

Maintaining appropriate penis function is a laudable goal. One function issue that is rare is retrograde ejaculation, in which semen is diverted away from the penis.

Approved Treatment May Help Bent Penis

While some curvature of the penis is not unusual, a severely bent penis may cause pain or interfere with proper functioning. Treatment may be necessary to correct the bend.

Bent Penis Problems: A New Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease Shows Promise

Some men have a curve in their penis, but others may have a more significant bend, which can be painful and problematic. Let’s talk about bent penis problems and the latest treatment for Peyronie’s disease.

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