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Using Mutual Masturbation to Communicate Sexually

Masturbation is usually thought of as a solo-based activity. But mutual masturbation with a partner can be an excellent way to communicate sexually with another person.

Masturbation Side Effects: Could a Better Life Be a Whack Away?

There are plenty of excellent masturbation side effects, but could a buffer bod and a man’s best life all come down to a little solo lovin’? Read on to find out.

Big Penis Pain: 5 Common Penis Injuries That Can Land a Man in the ER

Got penis pain? Don’t just shrug it off! Read on to learn about the severe penis injuries every man should know to be on the lookout for!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Male Ejaculation

Have questions about ejaculation that you don’t want in your Google history? No problem, here’s everything someone needs to know about male ejaculation.

Vitamin D and Penis Skin? Yes, Please!

Penis skin should look handsome and resilient so that new partners feel confident of its health. Vitamin D is a big aid in keeping penis skin looking good.

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