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Más de 20 años de experiencia en tratamientos mínimamente invasivos para el cáncer de próstata.

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Sensual Toys Tip: Choosing a Male Organ Ring

Among sensual toys for men, the male organ ring is probably the most popular option. But there are many factors a man must take into consideration when choosing one.

Fordyce Spots, Benign Penis Bumps, May Cause Concern

Penis bumps can mar an otherwise attractive looking penis. Fordyce spots are benign bumps but may cause a guy – and also his partners – concern anyway.

Is That Small Penis Actually a Buried One?

Most men are concerned about penis size and don’t want a small penis. They might be especially wary of a buried penis, or one which is becoming buried.

Keeping the Erect Penis Healthy: Simple Strategies

Clearly, having an erect penis on hand when one is ready for sex is a pretty good idea. There are simple strategies a man can employ to help maintain good penis health.

Penis Sensitivity: What It Is and How to Keep It

Penis sensitivity isn’t a topic reserved for older men. In fact, younger men should learn all about keeping a sensitive penis because their future sexual health depends on it. Let’s talk about preserving penis sensitivity.

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