Solutions for Low Libido in Men, Boost Virility

Increase Man Power

This video suggests how to improve sex drive and rev up males libido. Natural supplements upbeat mood, calm mind, strengthen pc muscles, fight anxiety, and raise desire.


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Three Causes of Irritated Foreskin and How to Fix It

An irritated foreskin can be very uncomfortable for a man, but more so, it can be dangerous. Let’s talk about three causes of this foreskin problem and how to fix it.

What to Do With a Tingling Penis (and How to Prevent One in the Future)

A tingling penis is not as festive as it sounds. It a painful situation that a man doesn’t need to be in. Read on to learn more about the tingle and how to get rid of it.

Penile Redness: Causes and Treatment

Feeling hot, hot, hot! Penile redness, unfortunately, is not something that feels hot in a good way. Here’s what could be causing penis redness and how to fix it.

Older Guys Need Penis Protection, Too

Penis protection, especially where sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are concerned, is not just a young guy’s concern. Rates of STI transmission are on the rise among older men as well.

Some Sex Tips for the Winter Holidays

The winter holidays are here, which means it’s time for hot cocoa, warm fires, and some holiday sex tips. Take advantage of the time of year to keep a smile on your face.

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