The Top 10 Shoulders Exercises | BJ Gaddour Delts Workout


The Top 10 Shoulders Exercises from BJ Gaddour, former Men’s Health fitness director and MetaShred creator!

No matter what your gender, building bigger, more symmetrical shoulders will arguably impact your physique more than any other muscle group. The deltoids are comprised of 3 heads: anterior (front), medial (side), and posterior (rear). Keep in mind that the anterior head tends to dominate for most people due to all of the pushups and chest presses. So prioritize the lateral and rear heads in your training for injury prevention, improved posture and performance, and aesthetics.

1. Dumbbell (DB) Arnold Presses
2. Bandbell Behind-The-Neck Presses
3. Barbell Full-Frontal Raises
4. Band/Cable/DB Reverse Fly Variations
5. Band/Cable/DB Lateral Raise Variations
6. Band/Cable/DB Front Raise Variations
7. Band Upright Row-Aparts
8. LANDMINE Presses
9. LANDMINE Lateral Raises
10. RENEGADE Hang Snatches

The key to maximally developing any muscle group is to use a healthy mix of heavier and lighter loads and all rep ranges (low, medium, and high). I like Arnold Presses, Landmine Presses, and Hang Snatches for lower reps (3-5) and medium reps (6-10). I like medium to higher reps (8-12+) for all the other moves. Don’t be afraid to start your workouts with the single-joint isolation moves to pre-fatigue certain areas and stimulate weak areas when you’re most fresh and focused. It also allows lighter loads to go a longer way the rest of the training session. And if you have to pick just one move, the rotational nature of the Arnold Press works all 3 heads of the shoulders and has the biggest bang for your buck!

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