The Top 14 Mountain Climbers | BJ Gaddour Core Abs Men’s Health


MY 10 FAVORITE MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS from BJ Gaddour, former Men’s Health fitness director and MetaShred creator!

Mountain Climbers are a great exercise to smoke your shoulders, arms, abs, and hip flexors and elevate your heart rate. There are also so many variations of this exercise based on the angle, grip, tempo, training tool, etc.

Here are my 14 favorite:

1. Wall
2. Semi-Circle
3. Kettlebell Bottoms-Up
4. Uneven Med Ball
5. Sliding
6. 1-Leg Band-Resisted
7. Slalom
8. Twisting
9. 1-Arm
10. Airborne
11. Speed Switches
12. Wide-Grip
13. Spider
14. Side-to-Side

Plug any of these moves into a total body circuit as a core exercise. Or do them for straight sets for 30-60 seconds of work with 30-60 second of rest between sets.

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