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Sex Positions for Limber Lovers

Many men are a bit uncertain about trying new sex positions, but others are enthusiastic about the prospect. Those who are truly limber and have sufficient strength have many to explore.

Penis Rash Treatment: Get Out of the Red and Stay Out for Good

When a man has a penis rash, he can literally get a little hotter in his trousers in a less-than-pleasurable way. Here are some penis rash treatments a man can use to try to soothe the savage beast.

Penis Stimulation 101: A Man’s Guide to Sex With Penis Rings

Need a little extra something for the sex life? Lots of men find that they get additional penis stimulation from penis rings; maybe you can too.

Here’s The Lowdown on the Latest Preferred Penis Size Study

Since the dawn of time, the topic of preferred penis size has dominated the conversation in sexual circles. However, when looked at clinically, can it be said that penis size really matters? Let’s look at a new study that says it might.

Aging Penis Problems: 5 Issues That Happen With Age and How to Prevent Them

Like any other part of the body, the penis ages and penis problems emerge. However, in that same vein, there’s a lot a man can do to prevent them. Read on to learn more.

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