Winter Health Issues & Their Easy Home Remedies, urdu/hindi

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“Paragon Natural Healthcare”, is a guide to, fix health issues at home, with kitchen items & easily available herbal ingredients.
In this program, we are informing you about health problems and, their, natural solutions.
Paragon Natural Healthcare program “Aaghi” is aimed at raising awareness of “women’s, men’s, children’s, elderly’s “Health issues” and their easy solutions. Many physical ailments for which surgery has been prescribed, can be cured without surgery, using these natural products.
In most cases of, Pandemics Diseases and Medical Emergency, can be Trust on herbs and alternative medicine. These are best choice for “Health And Fitness”.
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This program is being launched in Urdu / Hindi language. If you wish, it could soon be launched in English and a few other widely spoken languages around the world. Express your opinion in our YouTube video’s comments.

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